Control Systems

EXPERT, Goal, Greening Rotary Test Rig
Our newly developed control systems allow us to monitor all testing through different forms of data collection. Before we were limited to only monitoring through a numeric representation, whereas now we are able to observe in both numeric and graphic interfaces. A touch screen interface allows our technicians to more readily operate the system.
The back end operations and utilities of the control systems are easily accessible through the front door panel. Behind this door panel is cased the system works that make this operation functional.
Control Systems - Independent Test Services - testrunning  

Operating Screen

The Operating Screen provides continual monitoring and display of important test parameters. The load and deflection plotting vs. cycles, assure a competent test upon completion.
Control Systems - Independent Test Services - testsetup  

Setup Screen

The Test Setup Screen is intuitive and user friendly. It was designed by wheel test technicians.
Numeric parameters are input by an oversized key pad, just for fat fingered wheel test technicians.
Control Systems - Independent Test Services - centeringscreen  

Centering Screen

A Wheel Centering Visual Aid directs the set operator of direction and magnitude of wheel setup eccentricity.
Control Systems - Independent Test Services - calibrationscreen  

Calibration Screen 

An integrated algorithm that converges machine calibration. It also allows recalibration in case of machine interruption due to lightning.