Composite Wheel Testing - Independent Test Services - flir_20180824T091926Composite Wheel Testing

ITS is capable of performing all of the requirements in the new SAE J3204 testing and performance specification including: 

Wheel Fastener tests per SAE J2315, J2316, Biaxial Fatigue per SAE J2562, Cornering Fatigue per SAE J328, Radial Fatigue per SAE J328, Electrical Resistivity Test, Lateral Impact per SAE J175, Lateral Stiffness, Pressure Resistance Test

NEW Elevated Temperature Cornering Fatigue Test  Composite wheels may experience a stiffness reduction related to an increase in temperature so an elevated temperature cornering fatigue test has been developed to simulate this condition. This machine is capable of applying the same loads and speeds as a typical passenger car cornering fatigue machine but can set the load and add heat up to 200° C to see when the Composite wheels reaches it's glass transition temperature.  After elevated temperature cycle, wheel and station are left to cool before the assessing permanent damage.