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Wheel Testing

New Services Available ::

  • Environmental Testing:
    • ASTM B117
    • ASTM G85 
    • ASTM B368
    • ASTM D 3170
    • SAE J400
    • PF-3834, 3.3.1 (Cold Temp Impact Test)
  • InMetro Testing of Steel and Aluminum Pass Car and Truck Wheels:
    •   NBR 6750 (Steel Wheels)
    •   NBR 6751 (Truck and Bus Wheels)
    •   NBR 6752 (Aluminum Wheels)
    •   NBR 8094 (Salt Spray and CASS Test)
  • Uniformity Testing: 
    • ISO/IEC 17025 accredited to perform radial and lateral runout per GM TWS Wheel Uniformity Requirements.
  • Static Imbalance Testing on passenger car wheels 
  • Commercial Truck Testing per J267

About Independent Test Services ::

Independent Test Services (ITS) is approved to conduct wheel testing for all the major Original Equipment (OE) vehicle manufacturers in North America. Additionally, we are ISO 17025 accredited to perform the SAE standardized tests and uniformity measurements along with internal and external calibration of wheel test machines and uniformity analyzers and. 
Picture_022.jpgRadial Fatigue:
ITS has SAE J328 Radial fatigue test stations with load carrying capability up to 111,000 N (25,000 lb). Our radial stations will accommodate up to 26 inch diameter wheels.
Cornering Fatigue:
ITS has four SAE J328/J2530 Bending fatigue (rotary fatigue) machines which accommodate up to 26 inch diameter wheels at up to 8,000 Nm (6000 lb-f). Our eccentric mass bending fatigue machine rapidly tests wheels to high cycles.
Impact Testing: ITS can perform both new SAE J175 and old SAE J175, in addition to numerous other impact test configurations. The machines are fixtured for 13, 30 and 90 degree inclinations.
Biaxial Fatigue: ITS operates four Biaxial fatigue test machines for passenger car and light truck wheels.
Control Systems and Equipment Sales:
Fatigue Test Equipment:  ITS has developed a database and control systems that are unique to wheel testing operations. Our control systems can be customized to your radial and rotary equipment making testing easier and more effecient.
Uniformity Analyzer Machines: ITS can retro-fit existing uniformity machines or build custom manual or automatic measuring machines to suit your needs.

Test Capabilities ::

  • J 328*
  • J 267
  • J 1992
  • J 2530*
  • J 2562*
  • J 1981*
  • ASTM B117
  • ASTM G85
  • ASTM B368
  • ASTM D 3170
  • PF-3834 3.3.1
  • J 1204*
  • J 175*
  • J 2133
  • J 2315
  • J 2316
  • J 1965
  • JASO T 203-85
  • TUV 4.6.1
  • TUV 4.6.2
  • NBR 6750* 
  • NBR 6751*
  • NBR 6752*
  • NBR 8094
  • SAE J400
*Accredited for ISO/IEC 17025

Directions ::

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Canton, MI 48187
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